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Kicking off the new week with some brilliant, powerful face masks. These are the kind of masks that you can rely on to give your skin a proper overhaul in a very short amount of time; brightening, smoothing and plumping, brilliant for erasing signs of fatigue or over-indulgence. (Basically, what I am getting at here, without being too direct, is that they are all GREAT if you have a hangover and need to look normal.)

So, my Supersonic face Masks from left to right:

The Meso Mask from Filorga, £38 at Marks and Spencer. I discovered this last year and it instantly became one of my favourite skin treatments – I am on pot number 3 already. It feels incredibly gentle and soothing, but it somehow leaves the skin looking as though it’s been very thoroughly exfoliated. You don’t have to worry about leaving it on for too long – I fell asleep with it on and woke up two hours later to baby soft skin and not a patch of redness. I really rate Filorga products; I have quite a few different treatments (including the amazing overnight exfoliant, Sleep and Peel) and nothing has ever disappointed me.

The 3 Minute Facial from SUPER has unfortunately been discontinued. In fact I can’t find anything from SUPER, which was Perricone’s more affordable skincare line, so I’m assuming that it folded in its entirety? A shame, as there were a couple of products that I really enjoyed using. The 3 Minute Facial was one of them – it was a great moisturising mask. Probably not amazing enough to be in my “Supersonic” line-up, if I’m being completely honest, but I liked the way it said SUPER on the label and the retro mustard-yellow styling really floated my boat.

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The Transformer mask from Zelens is something of a miracle worker; it exfoliates, lifts, tightens, plumps, brightens and pretty much anything else you can think of, providing a one-stop solution to most beauty woes. It’s also very expensive – at £95 a pot it’s not the kind of product you’d want to make a mistake with – but I’ve had absolutely shocking facials that have cost more than that. So I’d rather have multiple applications of a brilliant mask at home than some useless namby-pambying about in a salon that’s playing whale music. I reckon that you would get around ten very generous applications from one pot – many, many more if you spread it on in a frugal manner. (Question: does it make a difference if you apply things in a “thick layer”? Or is that just marketing to make you use up your masks faster? I wonder if there’s ever a good reason to apply something thickly… I shall have to research!) You can find Transformer at Cult Beauty – they currently have a stepped discount going on. If you spend £40 you get £5 off (use code CHOOSE5), £60 and you get £10 off (CHOOSE10) and if you hit the £100 mark it’s £20 off (CHOOSE20).

Ah, my old friend Liquid Gold. The ultimate exfoliant and one that has a special place in my beauty cabinet. (Read about it here.) The original exfoliant is a liquid containing glycolic acid that you sweep over your skin and leave overnight; the Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask needs to be left on for just ten minutes to get brighter, tighter skin. If you’re feeling battered and rough, this gets your skin back into shape in the shortest amount of time possible. It’s great for clarifying if your skin feels clogged up and greasy, but it also works wonders on dry, dull skin too. Just an all-round superhero. You get a whopping 100ml for £46 (Cult Beauty) making it one of the best value masks on the market if you’re looking for something incredibly effective and fast-working.

What’s your favourite face mask? Do you tend to opt for a moisturising mask, a deep cleansing one? Overnight masks seem to be the new “thing”, but I haven’t really used any that have blown my socks off… Let me know, I always like to add things to my research list!

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