Tan-Luxe Self-Tan Serum for the Face

gradual tan face serum

I’ve had great results from this Tan-Luxe Illuminating Self-Tan Serum over the past couple of weeks; just two or three drops mixed into moisturiser gives a very believable bit of bronzage to the visage. (Somebody needs to stop me from coming out with these Godawful phrases, please. Before I turn into David Brent from The Office.)

It is, I suppose, very similar to the Clarins gradual face tanner, in that it easily slips into your skincare routine without you having to change a single product. You simply mix it in to your face product and apply and within a couple of hours you have a streak-free face tan. I used “light/medium” which is plenty, for me – I tried to do before and after photos, but the difference after one application is quite subtle and doesn’t show well in pictures, really. The texture of the Tan-Luxe serum is very silky – I almost feel as though I want to apply it neat, but I haven’t braved that. Yet. Maybe I’ll try it on a day when I’m not due any visitors!

You can find Tan-Luxe at QVC for £31. It actually works out very slightly cheaper, price-per-ml, than Clarins’ offering – though I did get the slightest hint of biscuity fake-tan smell from the Tan-Luxe whereas (to my nose at least) the Clarins seems odourless. You can read my Clarins review here.

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  1. Amber
    April 27, 2020 / 9:42 pm

    Would u say u liked the clarins or tanluxe drops better, please answer as I’m about to order one. Which would u say is better for acne prone skin

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