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gap kids christmas 2017

I did a bit of a mammoth spend in GAP the other week, when I bought Angelica’s “Wizard Coat” (see here). I seem to be doing lots of kids’ clothes shopping at the moment because I never seem to have enough of anything – vests, pyjama bottoms, cardigans. It only takes two bad days of food and baby poo carnage to wipe out all of my clean clothes supplies and so I’m trying to get on top of my inventory.

gap kids christmas 2017

So new pyjamas for Angelica – she chose these from a whole section of tempting pyjamas, and I thought that they were very festive – and a brand new cardigan for Ted. It’s rather Norwegian. I like to think that he looks like a detective from a Scandinavian noir TV thriller. His name, when he wears this cardigan, is Anders.

gap kids christmas 2017

Look at the little pine trees along the shoulders! The shawl collar! He’s like a little old man – I can picture him in the corner of a pub smoking a pipe and reading a book about boat-building.

gap kids christmas 2017

Ted is also wearing some Mickey Mouse print trousers – comfy, soft, reasonably stretchy, definitely not Scandi Noir. (Imagine the detective rocking up to a murder scene in Disney pants!) The trousers are a size 6-12 months but I feel as though they come up on the small size, as do Angelica’s pyjamas. Perhaps I have tall babies, but I don’t think they’re that tall. And definitely not very chunky. Which reminds me, I must take them both to be weighed and measured – I haven’t done that in ages. When (if) we move into the new house, I’m going to start a wall chart – I saw a really snazzy giant ruler the other day (here*). It needs its own mortgage, but I love anything miniature or oversized, with that Alice in Wonderland kind of vibe. And you can personalise this ruler – it would make a great Christmas present.

You can find Angelica’s pyjamas at GAP here* – they are £14.95 but I had a discount code (there’s usually one on the home page); Ted’s Forest Fair Isle cardigan is £19.95 here* and the Disney pants are here*.

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