Testers Needed: New Effaclar Anti-Blemish System

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**UPDATE: chosen testers are Harry (h.nortonshaw), frances.barcelos, bethanrabjohns, dianalloyd5 and Andrea Lutton. Thanks to everyone who left a comment, I wish I had hundreds of these sets. (I’m working on it!) Testers; you’ll receive an email shortly from La Roche-Posay.

La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Duo was an absolute skin-saver for me when I had my bout of adult acne two years ago. I had tried loads of different creams and treatments, but nothing really worked quite as well as the Effaclar; it seemed to be able to clear up congestion without being too harsh or drying. Since I first wrote about it, the feedback from readers who then went out and tried it has been brilliant. Obviously no one treatment will work for every single person, and some reported back that they found it a little too harsh (many of these people, it turned out, were from the US and using a different version which should only be applied to targeted areas!) but the majority of people loved Effaclar Duo and found, as I had done, that it worked a treat on angry, spotty skin.

The Effaclar Duo story is about to get a little bit more exciting, for those who suffer with spot-prone skin; this summer La Roche-Posay are launching a 3-Step Anti-Blemish System. Cleanser, toner and hydrating treatment. The cleanser and treatment (Effaclar Duo+) are already available, but the toner is something new and very, very wonderful. It’s a proper little powerhouse when it comes to smoothing the skin and reducing shine; it contains lactic and salicylic acids for a gentle exfoliation and zinc to help with excess oil. Salicylic is a bit of a hero when it comes to spots and cloggy skin; it gets right inside pores to unblock them and it’s also great at calming inflammation, despite its harsh-sounding name. The toner is alcohol free, non-drying and has been formulated with sensitive skin in mind so it should be gentle enough to use twice-daily.

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For teens looking for an all-in-one skincare solution, I think that this Anti-Blemish system is going to be a winner. Affordable, easy to use and – most importantly – easy to understand! There’s no faffing about with pre-this and post-that, just wash your face, wipe over with the toner and finish with the Duo. It’s equally as appealing to women in their twenties, thirties and older who might be suffering with outbreaks of acne, though if your skin does tend to have dry areas you will want to use the Effaclar Duo+ in targeted areas rather than all over, and use a moisturiser on top.

The 3-Step Anti-Blemish System is going to be available from September priced at £29.50, but I have five sets that need to be tested pre-launch so that I can write an in-depth review. I’m looking for five testers, all of whom suffer from breakouts or acne, whether teen or adult. Testers must be willing to give me their honest feedback on the products and to (if possible) use only the 3-Step kit for about four weeks. (Obviously they must add an SPF for the daytime if they are going to be out and about!)

Fancy a try? Leave a comment below before noon on Saturday and I’ll announce the testers in the Sunday Tittle Tattle. You can read more about Effaclar Duo here, or if you want to try the treatment part on its own, it’s currently on offer at Escentual.com here for £12.39.

*Excuse the random-looking photos; I’ve been in a studio all week and didn’t have time to shoot pictures at home, so I went early one morning and took them on set! Most random one below…

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*this post is the first half of a sponsored review feature.

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