Testing for Gestational Diabetes

testing for gestational diabetes

Well, this is rather a spanner in the old works; I’m having to test four times a day for gestational diabetes due to the (apparent) gargantuan size of the baby within. It’s not actually too much of an inconvenience – and at any rate, you do what you have to do when it comes to pregnancy and unborn children and so on – but it wasn’t something I was ever expecting. Though neither was a breech baby last time, so…

I’ve done a chatty little video about my testing kit and some of my blood sugar results – it’s all very interesting, the diet/blood sugar relationship and I have learnt quite a bit about how certain foods affect your levels. It’s quite scary to see in black and white just how much a few slices of white bread and jam (oops) messes with your body, but actually it’s the more mundane, unexpected foods (pasta, white rice) that manage to surprise you when it comes to finger-stabbing-blood-letting time.

By the way, if anyone is reading this and might have to do blood sugar testing then I can tell you that the finger-stabber thing does not hurt. I was (perhaps stupidly) really worried about it, but now look forward to it in an extremely perverse way. The sound of the spring shooting the little needle down into my finger pad is strangely satisfying, I like it a lot. Though I still can’t fathom why anyone would voluntarily have a tattoo – needles over and over and over again on sensitive parts of your body? Nope. No thanks.

I’m waiting to find out what the verdict is on my blood sugar testing and I promise I will let you know as soon as I do with a little update post. For now, here’s my video. It shows a teeny drop of blood on my finger, so if you’re properly phobic then just a warning!

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