The Best Brush In The World?

suquu brushI have found what I think might be the best face brush in the world, ever. Admittedly, it costs £168, and admittedly, things are made even better by the fact that I didn’t have to actually buy it (I judged it in the Cosmo Beauty Awards) but still. It’s bloody marvellous. I suppose that it really should be for £168 – you could buy an entire set of good brushes for that price – but it honestly does go one step further than excellent. It seems to make every blush or bronzer that I use look as though it has been applied by Pat McGrath. Whether it’s the cut of the bristles or the type of bristles, I have no idea – it just applies powder in exactly the right place, evenly and lightly.

If you have ever watched a video of me applying powder colour to my cheeks, you’ll know that I’m the laziest, most slap-dash makeup applier there is – I just bish-bash it on and hope for the best. I mean, I do aim in the right direction, and I suppose I have done it so many times that I just know that it’s going to turn out OK, but still – there’s not much precision work going on! Mostly, my bronzer/blush application turns out fine, but there are the odd occasions (especially with cheaper, less finely-milled powders) that things go a bit pear-shaped and I have to start again… Not with the Suquu! Even terribly dark bronzers have gone on with a light touch and an even finish!

So. £168. What do we make of that then? I’ve had a rootle-tootle about on some other sites and it gets rave reviews – including from ‘Not Enough Lip Gloss’ who was so impressed that she purchased it straight away! The price is obviously a sore point – I mean, even sixty is rather steep when you’re just talking about a brush, but then what if we look at the flip side? What if this brush changed the way your makeup looked every day and lasted for the rest of your life? I have no idea on the guarantee on these, but surely they must be pretty lengthy.. Would £168 be justified if you never needed another face brush again?

What do you think? If you go past Selfridges have a little feel of one – it’s the softest, lightest brush ever. Truly gorgeous. I’ll remember to use it in a video soon so that you can see it close-up, but if you want to see it online then it’s stocked exclusively at Selfridges – the link is below!

Suquu at Selfridges


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