The Best Press Pack Ever.

Will you just look at what was in one of the parcels I picked up last week? This has to be the best press pack ever! To celebrate thirty years of flying between London and Los Angeles, Air New Zealand sent me this brilliant retro bag filled with goodies from 1982. (Well, not strictly 1982, but the thought was definitely there!) I am now the proud owner of a proper Polaroid camera, a Sony Walkman and a mix-tape!

kate crilly

And guess who turned up just as I was opening my bag of retro delights? Little sister Kate, @crillystyle! Kate dresses as though she’s permanently in the eighties, so it seemed a perfect opportunity for her to model my Air New Zealand electronics. Here she is with bag, walkman and Polaroid camera – one gigantic hoop earring just visible.

Fact for you: over the past 30 years, Air New Zealand has carried more than 4.5 million passengers on the London-LA route including a dozen princesses and princes, hundreds of sporting personalities and top international model Ruth Crilly. (Hohoho.) All joking aside, I loved flying Air New Zealand. It was probably the best business class seat/bed I have flown in – amazing food, brilliant in-seat entertainment and a swift, professional turn-down service. (Yes, you stand by as your bed gets made, sipping a glass of champagne.) In the next class down, the premium economy seats are absolutely huge – well worth upgrading to, unlike some premium economy seats! (Additional centimetre of leg room for an extra £500, anyone?!)

Anyway, I must get back to listening to my mix-tape – Olivia Newton-John is wailing out from the Walkman earphones! Have a look at Air New Zealand’s blog, I am Packed. It peeks inside people’s suitcases. Addictive.

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