The Best Pyjama Bottoms Ever

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A while back, I bought you the best thong ever.

(For those who have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing one, a thong is a god-awful bit of narrow fabric that lingerie designers think you’ll want to have between your bottom cheeks, like some kind of ornate, lacy cheese-wire.) (If you want to know where to find the best skinny jeans ever, then have a look at Paige Verdugo on Donna Ida. The black overdyed version are so comfy and flattering.)

Now, I bring you the world’s best pyjama bottoms.

You’d think that designing a pyjama bottom would be easy, yet so many brands get it wrong! I just cannot abide a badly designed pyjama – it’s supposed to be the most comfortable thing you can put on, for crying out loud! Either they are too “close” in the crotch (you know what I mean – it’s cheese-wire all over again), or the waistband is too tight, or too loose. The fabric is wrong; shiny, sweaty, too furry, too silky. The cut of the leg is off – too tapered, too flared, too narrow. The pattern is ridiculous – who wants to look like a five-year old in cartoon elephants?! Or the style is ageing – lacy satin edging, anyone?

No, the perfect pyjama is an art, and I present to you the HUSH pyjama. Straight, wide leg that hangs from the hips just so; subdued yet pretty fabric patterns that look neither too chintzy nor too juvenile; lots of room in the ahem area without looking too “MC Hammer”… Can this design be improved upon? I think not. Unless they could please make a few more patterns in dark fabrics, as pale colours aren’t always practical for us ladies all the month round!

What do you reckon? Can you find better? I hope not, as I’m about to order another three pairs! Let me know in the comments box, please. If you want to have a browse around the HUSH collection, click here. The pyjama bottoms are £30/£45 each – mine are the “antique floral”. You’ll see them again in Friday’s post, but I can’t tell you why, not yet. Let’s just say you’ll really want to get home quickly on Friday night!

(So many of you asking about the oversized knit blankets and cushions – you can find them here:

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