Favourite Summertime Nail Polishes.

chanel and dior and models own best nail polishes

I asked Lily from LilyPebbles.co.uk to tell me about her favourite summery nail polishes and then – try not to die of excitement here – I told her all about mine! Granted it’s not one of my top ten conversational topics of choice, but we were supposed to be chatting about perfumes and I forgot my bag of stuff! So nail polishes turned out to be the subject of the day. It so happens that Lily is rather good at doing her nails and goes for the whole “top coat, let it dry, colour, let it dry, etc etc” process whereas I bung on whatever nail varnish is to hand and get loads of bits of fluff and cat hair stuck to my fingers. Lily, because she is good at nails, is quite experimental with her colours; I, being crap, am not.

Actually, I’m being quite unfair on myself here: I’m really not bad at painting my nails. I’m neat, I do a good clean-up job and I seal it all in with a layer of top-coat, like you’re supposed to. I’m just not very patient. And I don’t like to do anything that puts my fingers out of action for more than twenty seconds, because then I can’t type, which means I can’t work, and I’m a total workaholic. If I could do my nails before bed and go to sleep as they dried, that would be just perfect. I’d have a different shade every night.

More manicure and nail polish posts…

Anyway, I ramble. Have a watch of the vid and see which shades you like, I’ve listed them below the video screen. A very special mention has to go to Bourjois’ One Second nail polishes; they are probably right up there with the best nail varnishes I have ever tried. One coat, dense colour, no chipping.. Expect a rave post soon.

Now make yourselves comfy and press play – and once you’ve finished watching the nail video, make sure you watch Lily’s Non-Beauty Favourites!

Nail Polishes:

Orly BB Cream for Nails: launches this month, price TBC
Chanel Holiday: http://tidd.ly/b4cf49a5
Chanel Mirabella: http://tidd.ly/b4cf49a5
Models Own Peach Melba:http://www.modelsownit.com/products/n…
Dior Grege: http://tidd.ly/46d24fed

Bourjois Turquoise Bloc: http://tidd.ly/aa215989
Models Own Beach Bag: http://www.modelsownit.com
Essie Splash of Grenadine: http://tidd.ly/9eaff09c
Revlon Ginger Melon: http://tidd.ly/b499f59
Soigne Bleu Daguette: http://www.soignenails.com

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