The Dinner Date Night In

date night in a box

I love this idea from Don’t Buy Her Flowers: a complete date night in a box. Just add lingerie and perhaps a good movie. Or in our case, a baby monitor and The Good Wife on Netflix! The package includes champagne (or wine), lovely candles, massage oil, chocolates and – most crucially – a three-course meal. Yes, this is a cooking-free date night, but you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home. Each package has the option of adding a voucher to use at – I’ll be reviewing them separately once I’ve had a try. I’ve chosen confit duck, dauphinoise potatoes and two different puddings, so that’ll be great for my Mum Tum.

date night in a box

Don’t Buy Her Flowers stock thoughtful presents for new Mums. Presents that your average overwhelmed, sore-boobed mum will really appreciate: care packages, boxes filled with tea and biscuits and – the gift I’m trialling – the Dinner Date Night In. There’s nothing wrong with sending flowers to a new mum, but when everyone sends them, you run out of vases and have to start rearranging them all in jars and flasks and sinks and toilet cisterns, and sometimes it’s just nice to get something you can eat or read or slather all over yourself. Trying to keep a dozen huge bouquets of flowers alive can be a bit of a task when you’re bed-bound or hobbling about with a frozen sanitary towel wodged between your thighs.

You can browse new mum present ideas online here. I’m off to reheat my three course meal!

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