The Easiest Beach Babe Glow…

too faced beach bunny bronzer

I found a set of photographs taken a week or so before I went to have Baby AMR – the above is completely unretouched (not that I ever retouch, but just to be clear!) and I haven’t added any filters or even messed about with exposure or contrast. To be fair, the light on the morning that I took it was absolutely stupendous, but I do think that my little product duo worked really well to give a beautiful “beach babe” kind of glow. I’ve been using the same combination for a while, now, and it’s just the easiest summer look.

lancome miracle cushion foundation

The first product is Lancome’s Miracle Cushion foundation – really great coverage considering the fact that the formula is so lightweight. If you’ve never heard of Lancome’s Miracle Cushion, it’s basically a sponge that’s been pre-soaked in base and you use a faffy little sponge thing, which I hate, to press the foundation on. Despite the fact that the sponge sets my teeth on edge every time I touch it, I do find it useful for on-the-go applications and the makeup and applicator are all neatly housed (with decent mirror) in a handy compact. This is a good one if you like your makeup to feel as though it’s barely there, but need a bit of coverage for dark circles and achieving a more even skin tone. The finish is somehow very healthy and glowy without being shimmery or “dewy” so it’s great for summer. Mostly I use a foundation brush to apply this – I use shade 1 but could also get away with 2. I’m wearing 2 in the photograph at the top of the page. Lancome Miracle Cushion is £29.50 online here – refills are £19.50.

too faced beach bunny bronzer

My second little glow-giver is the “Beach Bunny” bronzer from Too Faced. It works along the same vein, I suppose, as Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Bricks, providing four different tones within one powder compact. Though this is far less shimmery and probably a little more suited to being a bronzer – the BB ones can be a little much for normal bronzing duty! I have had comments about my skin every time I’ve worn this and it has almost single-handedly saved me from looking dead on my feet. It adds a great whack of goldeny bronzage that’s completely unapologetic. This isn’t one of those “barely there” complexion enhancers – the darker shades of bronze to the sides of the palette are actually very dark. You have to tread carefully, it’s not one to apply in the back of a dark cab, but if you use the shades to add a spot of contour and some highlight in the right places then the effect is just brilliant. If you’re want a bronzer that’s versatile and gives a megawatt, beach-babe glow then this is for you! You can find the Too Faced bronzer online here – it’s £25.

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