The Forum’s Demise

It is with great sadness that I declare The Forum closed. (OK, perhaps not great sadness – it’s not like we were all on there 24/7, was it?! But still, it’s kind of sad.) It was an absolute nightmare trying to keep track of spammers and remove their posts – even with every bit of anti-spam software I couldn’t beat the automated posts that were appearing. Sometimes there would be 5,000 posts uploaded in a few minutes! I tried everything to catch the users before they could register, but these spammers aren’t thick – they have their evil methods!

I promise that I’m working on a bigger and better idea, some kind of community that will be spam-free and will hopefully manage itself. But please bear with me on this – as usual, there’s only little old me sat here behind my iMac! You may also have noticed that Keep Calm and Shop has disappeared; again the result of unwanted internet attention, I had a bad virus that meant the site had to be shut down. SO ANNOYING! I am currently updating all of the bits and pieces for that site and a new, improved version will be with you over the course of the next month.

So, that’s that little bit of admin out of the way – it seems like the perfect opportunity to remind you to subscribe, either by email or GFC! You’ll never miss another post again…

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