The Four Month Hair Colour

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It has suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t had my hair colour done in nearly four months. Four months! I have hardly any noticeable regrowth and the colour on the lengths of my hair still looks as nice and rich as it did on the day it was tinted. (Actually, I lie: I think it might look better than it did on the day it was tinted! It was a little too warm and too dark, first of all, which is often the way. The tint fades and you’re left with the proper shade.) This just confirms for me, in my head (and now out loud), that my colourist, the lovely John Spanton, is in fact something of a hair colouring genius.

It has made me think that perhaps this dark, honeyed blonde is a shade that I will stick with for many years. I can highly recommend it if you’re growing bored of the “classic” blonde and the frequent trips to the hair salon required for maintenance, but note; dark blonde is not by any means maintenance free. The colour I now have is an amalgamation of many, many different blonding sessions and not just a tarted-up version of my natural shade – it’s unfortunate that my natural shade as I’ve grown older is actually a weird, ashy brown-mouse-blonde and not anything particularly desirable. Though around 50% of my hair (nearly all of the underneath layer, in fact) has been kept natural – John purposefully left it untreated so that the condition of my hair wasn’t too affected over the years. Clever chap.

Anyway, this was just a bit of a “thinking aloud” post – I’m in full-on Bank Holiday mode and writing a proper feature was quite frankly beyond me. Especially after the large G&T at sundown! It was supposed to be a list of the pros and cons of sticking to your natural hair colour, but then I realised that it wasn’t really my natural hair colour and then I got into one of those mental confusions that make you want to bang your forehead repeatedly on the desk in front of you.

John Spanton is at Trevor Sorbie in Covent Garden – more info here.

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