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Wild Mint Candle Review The White Company

Candle, meet readers. Readers, meet candle. He’s huge. He should be called Goliath. He’s not as big as one of those huge Diptyque ones, but he’s definitely about twice the size of your typical, three-wick candle. (I have become something of a candle obsessive this year; I think it’s my paranoia about the cat biscuits and their tendency to permeate the entire house with their smell.)

Goliath has very uniquely been given a fresh, minty scent – very unusual wouldn’t you say? It’s not at all unpleasant, in fact I think that it makes a refreshing change! Perhaps because I’m an enthusiastic drinker of peppermint tea, the scent of this candle is a bit of a comfort to me. I like the sharpness of the spearmint and the greener, fruitiness of the wild mint, the slight smokiness of the white tea. (I’m ad libbing here, bear with me.)

Wild Mint Candle Review The White Company

How do you feel about minty candles? (Never thought I’d write that sentence.) I really like this one, though I can’t see whether or not it’s an artificial fragrance in the wax or a blend of essential oils.. These days, I like to see a bit of quality candle-making going on, especially when they’re expensive ones. Let me know if anyone finds out!

The Goliath Wild Mint candle is £60 and weighs a whopping 750g. Burn time is about 85 hours and the ceramic pot would make a gorgeous storage container for something or other. A wild mint plant, perhaps? You can find out more details at The White Company

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