The Great Big Christmas l’Occitane Giveaway! CLOSED

l'Occitane Giveaway **WINNERS: Annette Thomas, Tiffany Brownlow, Sugarpuffish, Kymie Walker, Nita Bach. Well done all of you, you have been emailed!**

 Very exciting news for you; I have FIVE l’Occitane gift sets to be won! I have personally picked out my favourites, plus a men’s set for those feeling generous towards their other half! (Or, indeed, are male themselves..) Each set costs £46 but the total value of the products comes to a lot more, making them wonderful Christmas presents! I do challenge you, though, to actually be able to give one of these sets away – once you open up the tissue wrapping inside and see the beautiful potions and creams, you’ll want to keep it for yourself!

l'Occitane Giveaway

As mentioned, there are five sets to be won altogether. I have numbered them – remember which one you prefer and its number! They are: 1) Pivoine Flora Collection (top), 2) Delightful Almond Collection (above), 3) Delicate Cherry Blossom Collection (below), 4) Romantic Rose Collection (bottom) and 5) Men’s Collection.

l'Occitane GiveawayEach collection is completely different, with body creams, fragrances, candles, soaps, hand creams – you can see the contents of each collection in more detail by clicking on the relevant set on l’Occitane’s Gift Page here. All of them are equally gorgeous whether you’re going to keep for yourself or give as a Christmas present. Oh, decisions decisions!

l'occitane rose

How to enter:

1) You must be a UK reader (so sorry, international people – I am thinking up something extra-special just for you, promise!) By reader, I mean a reader of this website, not Twitter or Facebook. You can follow A Model Recommends by Email Subscription (daily breakfast email!) or Google Friend Connect (see panel in left sidebar). Both are easy to do!

2) You must CHOOSE ONE GIFT. You cannot enter to win more than one set – those entering more than once will be disqualified, tracked down by Ted the Kitten and forced to sit on the Naughty Step.

3) In a comment left on this post, you must a) tell me HOW YOU FOLLOW, b) tell me the name or number for the GIFT SET YOU PREFER (see rule 5) and c) remember to ENTER YOUR EMAIL WHERE PROMPTED. (Nobody else but me will see your email if you put it in the correct part of the comment form!

4) Sorry for the shouty capital letters above, but you have no idea how many people don’t put the right bits and pieces down!

5) Gift Set Numbers:

1. Pivoine Flora Collection (see here for details)

2) Delightful Almond Collection (see here)

3. Delicate Cherry Blossom Collection (see here)

4. Romantic Rose Collection (see here)

5. Men’s Collection (see here)

6) This giveaway ends at noon (12pm) GMT on Monday 12th December. Just in time to bag yourself a festive treat! Obviously, the kind-hearted amongst you will be thinking of your nearest and dearest and which set they would most like to receive…ahem.

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