The Model Bikini Blitz!

Welcome to the launch of the Model Bikini Blitz! This feature has been months in the making, so I hope that you find it both useful and amusing. It’s intended to be a lighthearted guide to body maintenance, and a useful resource for anyone who needs a few bikini ‘quick-fixes’ before they go on holiday! I’m not the skinniest of models – I’m naturally quite curvy, and I have to really watch what I do and eat so that I stay in shape. There’s a very thin (and cruel!) line in the modelling world between being considered ‘fit’, and tipping over into what is perceived as ‘fat’. I don’t want to go into the whole size debate here, at this particular moment, but I will say that having a ‘curvy’ body shape on quite a small frame is one of the most difficult shapes to maintain! Add to that the fact that I like a glass of wine or six and that I love food, and you’ll probably see why I’ve got quite a few tips and tricks up my sleeve for staying ‘bikini-ready’!

I’ve divided the Model Bikini Blitz into four categories: Tanning, Toning, Buffing and Honing. Within these categories you’ll find all sorts of useful bits and bobs to help you get your body looking polished. (Notice I say polished, and not perfect. None of us here are stupid, as far as I can tell, and so I’m not going to try and feed you all of that condescending claptrap about ‘how to get the perfect supermodel figure’. We all know that takes an enormous amount of exercise and dietary dedication to dramatically change a body shape – and to get the supermodel figure, you’d also need to be starting off with a five-feet-ten-inch frame!) The Model Bikini Blitz is all about manageable things that you can do to improve and maintain your figure – everything from anti-cellulite gel reviews to exercise tips; from bust-firming products to dietary tricks. This is an ongoing feature, and I’ll be adding more and more product recommendations as time goes on. Enjoy – and if there are any particular concerns or questions, then get in touch and I’ll try to address them!

The first post is coming up today, and looks at tanning.

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