The Nuz Shugaa Moviestar Facial

Does anybody remember the Green Peel facial that I went for about six weeks ago? If my memory serves me correctly, I nicknamed it the ‘swallowed a candle’ facial because of the intense natural glow radiating from my face!

Well, the very same skin guru that applied nightingales’ droppings to my face (see here for the full review) has worked her magic once again! Nuz Shugaa, facialist to the stars, cleansed, scrubbed and massaged my face to absolute perfection the week before last – see the video below to see exactly how amazing my skin looked immediately after the treatment!

I had Nuz’s Moviestar facial. It’s called this because Nuz uses it on film sets and photo shoots to get the stars’ faces looking absolutely flawless before makeup is applied. Nuz is a great believer (as I am!) in the ‘natural glow’ – ie, improving the skin’s tone and radiance rather than relying solely on heavy makeup or clever lighting. Every treatment that she carries out is totally bespoke – she assesses the needs of your skin and selects her products accordingly so that you really are getting the best out of your facial.

The Moviestar facial lasts for one hour and fifteen minutes, and it’s a constant process of treatment after treatment; cleansers, exfoliators, masks, peels, serums… There are none of those long (often too-long!) periods of time where products are ‘left to work their magic’ – Nuz uses specially mixed products that work quickly and powerfully. You’d think that all of this buffing and peeling would irritate your skin, wouldn’t you? Amazingly, it doesn’t at all -there’s nothing within the products that Nuz uses that would aggravate the skin; it’s all entirely natural! Nuz uses products from the energys range and also blends of specially chosen oils and serums – one of my treatment oils was Argan mixed with dark chocolate! My skin was left deep-cleaned, exfoliated, clean-pored, protected against aggressors and pollution, de-stressed, de-toxified and beautifully soft and smooth. All of this, and not a blotch or red patch (the downside of most facials!) in sight.

I can see why Nuz is in such great demand – she has a genuine interest in each and every face that she works on. Whereas normally I get questioned about my skincare routine and skin concerns for at least five minutes before a facial starts, Nuz seems to be able to see instinctively how my skin should be treated; this really is what ‘bespoke’ is all about – the very best service, tailor-made especially for you.

Nuz isn’t just concerned about the immediate effects of her treatments; she prides herself on the long-lasting effects. Two to three weeks is a timeframe that is mentioned at one point, and I can say quite truthfully that, two weeks on from my Moviestar facial, my skin still looks incredible. There were no breakouts or blotches, and so this would be the perfect treatment to have a few days before a wedding or other important event where you were going to be captured on film.

As a model, this kind of facial is invaluable. Although I have some of the best makeup professionals in the business working on me, nothing can beat good skin. Nothing. I love the fact that Nuz uses natural products, I love that all of her facials are bespoke (she would never have a ‘set menu’ of products) and I love her enthusiasm for great looking skin, achieved in a non-chemical way.

The Moviestar facial comes with a Moviestar price tag – £200 – but if you want ‘bespoke for less’, one of Nuz’s expertly trained assistants can perform a bespoke facial at The Beauty Lounge (1 Kingly Court, London W1)  for £100, or the ‘Green Peel’ facial for £50. For those of you who weren’t at all scared off by the £200 price tag (lend us a tenner!) you can book an appointment here.

There’s a little video below; I hope that it captures some of the Nuz Shugaa magic!

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