The Oiliest Giveaway Ever! CLOSED

**UPDATE: The winner of this giveaway is Carla Bain! Carla, you have been emailed!**

Little fact for you: Prickley Pear oil is one of the most expensive oils on the planet. It takes one tonne of Prickley Pears to produce a litre of oil. Now I have a feeling that it was a prickley pear that both Mr AMR and I tried to eat when we had drunk a few glasses of wine in Greece last year. Obviously we didn’t get to the eating part, because as soon as the “pear” was grasped, our hands were shot through without about eight thousand prickles. These prickles were so fine as to be almost invisible to the sober eye – and to the not-so-sober? Totally invisible. Needless to say we spent a good few hours with my sharpest tweezers performing minor surgeries on each other. Picture of offending fruit/vegetable/plant of Satan below:

As usual I have gone off piste – what I meant to tell you, first of all, was that I have some Prickley Pear oil (and other types of oil!) from Moroccan Natural to give away. I have mentioned Moroccan Natural before; the ingredients are as pure as they can possibly be and are impeccably sourced. Over 98% of their oils are either “Ecocert” or Soil Association Certified, and no chemicals are added. The Argan oil products are amazing – top quality oil with little else added, just a smidgen of something here and there (totally natural) to enhance performance even further.

The Argan Glow, for example, contains Sea Buckthorn Oil to help destroy free radicals, make the skin healthier and more supple and to aid the repair process. The Argan Radiance oil has all of this with pearl powder thrown in too, for added healthy glow!

You can see all of Moroccan Natural’s products on NutriBeauty (if you’re reading this before midnight on Sunday 8th July you can get a 15% discount with the code beauty015) but I have a very nice set of oils to giveaway! One lucky old bean will receive: an Argan Glow Oil, and Argan Radiance Oil, a Prickley Pear Oil and a standard Argan Oil.

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4) All entries before 23.59 on Tuesday 10th July, 2012.

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