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I interrupt my London Fashion Week proceedings for one thing and one thing only: the Omorovicza Spring Beauty Gift. I’ve always been an absolute sucker for a “gift with purchase” – the back of my wardrobe is stuffed full of those little makeup and toiletries bags that you inevitably get with your selection of “luxury travel size” products. I’m also drawn to miniature beauty things in an almost obsessive way – I have been known to spend disproportionate amounts of money on something just so I can get the mini version of it as well. Rather silly, but I have quite a collection now, including some Dior samples that I’ve had since the late nineties and a whole range of tiny, perfectly scaled-down perfume bottles.

Omorovicza’s Spring Beauty Gift is a good one, I think – it includes a few of my all-time favourite beauty products. A 30ml Queen of Hungary Mist, a 15ml Deep Cleansing Mask and a sample of the hangover-skin miracle cure Copper Peel. There’s a Plumping Cream too and a nice pink bag (add it to the mound in the wardrobe) bringing the total equivalent value to over £50. Minimum spend is £100, which is a bit wince-inducing, but regular customers and die-hard fans might see it a fitting time to stock up on their essentials. Ironically, my essentials (the mask and mist) are already included in the gift, but I like to have minis to travel with so that actually works out well.

My picks for first time Omorovicza people? Definitely the Deep Cleansing Mask (review here) and the mist (see here) but also the Complexion Enhancer which I love, my Mum loves and three friends from different age groups all love. It’s on the “warmer” side, tone-wise, so not for the very fairest of skins, but it gives the most brilliant glow to fair/medium-medium/dark tones.

Gift with purchase, free on any £100/$175/€150 spend at Omorovicza

For those looking for something a little easier on the wallet, stay tuned this week – I have something very interesting to share with you!

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