The Only Glitter Polish I Can Deal With…

KURE Bazaar Glitter Polish

Finally, glittery nail polishes I can actually wear! I usually shun glitter because taking it off is one of the worst, most thankless beauty tasks ever invented. I would honestly rather go to the dentist than remove glitter polish. I’d rather wash up the trays and shelves from inside the oven, and we all know what a crap job that is.

Anyway, back to my point: glitter polishes that don’t make me want to pull out my eyeballs with a pair of hot tweezers when it comes to removal time. And I am so, so glad that they are from one of my all-time favourite nail brands, KURE Bazaar. KURE make their polishes from non-toxic ingredients such as corn, potatoes, cotton and wheat and the formulas are up to 85% natural. But there’s no compromise on quality – the colours apply beautifully and last reasonably well. I say reasonably, because I get really bored of my nails being painted (weirdly) and usually remove my polish after a couple of days, even if it isn’t chipped! Strange quirk that I have…

KURE Bazaar Glitter Polish

There are fifteen new glitter polishes from KURE – I have DivaPrecious and the special peel-off base coat. Precious (here) is a fine gold glitter and this looked brilliant after two coats – I expect it would look even more stunning over a metallic gold base or even a bright red base, but I was testing out over the peel-off. Still, it was incredibly sparkly and dense with glitter bits! Diva is a chunkier, rose-gold glitter and looks really good, but I found it more difficult to build up than Precious, so I think that the finer glitters would be my choice.

KURE Bazaar Glitter Polish

The peel-off base coat worked stupendously. It didn’t peel off until I wanted it to, so it’s not like one of those kid’s “play polishes”, but when it was time to take off the glitter it was easy (and very satisfying) to remove. I treated my nails to a bit of an oil massage afterwards, because I felt I deserved it seeing as though I’d just saved myself about fifty minutes of hard beauty labour.

You can find most of the KURE polishes at Fortnum & Mason here – they cost £15 each. The peel-off base coat isn’t at Fortnum’s (madness! It’s the best thing ever!) but you can find it here.

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