The Perfect (and Affordable) Everyday Eye Makeup Look

best budget eyeshadow palette

I’m really impressed with this little eyeshadow quad from l’Oreal. I snapped it up on (here) a few weeks ago – it was £6.79! – and it has made it’s way into my everyday makeup bag. Partly because it’s so small and light, but also because the shade combination (“Nude Lingerie”) is just so flattering and easy to wear. The tones seem to blend seamlessly into my skin; the lighter ones giving a bit of a sheen to the lids and the darker providing contrast and definition, depending on how much of them I use.

best budget eyeshadow palette

I don’t know whether you can see from my close-up, but the shadows themselves have no real separation between them – the pans aren’t “bedded in” or indented in the way they would usually be, so there’s just a level surface the whole way across the quad. I love this! It probably wouldn’t work if the shades weren’t so similar, but with these tones it means that you can very easily blend the shades together or sweep the brush over two or three at a time. The end effect is that contoured eye looks need very little in the way of blending – I just start with the palest colour towards my inner corners and get progressively darker towards the outer corners. Kind of like an “ombre” eye!

Here’s a little step-by-step:

ruth crilly smokey eye step by step

I started off with the very lightest shade and applied that to the “inner” third of my lid area, just to brighten and lift. The brush I use here is the Zoeva Luxe Defined Crease Brush – you can get Zoeva at POMshop online, see here. (Use code pomgoldcardvip for a 10% discount.)

ruth crilly eyeshadow demo

Then, a mixture of the middle two shades over the outer half/two thirds. Instantly, there’s a bit of contour going on here and my eye looks more…done…but it’s all incredibly subtle. And if you wanted you could just leave things right here, especially if you want that perfect “no makeup” look, but I like to go in for a little more definition and shaping, so:

perfect smokey eye tutorial

I’ve used the darkest shade (which isn’t at all dark, on the scale of things – it’ difficult to mess it up) and I’ve popped that along the lashline towards the outer corner and then into the very edge of the eye socket. I used the Petit Crease brush from Zoeva and then blended using the first brush again. Minimal blending, really – this is so quick and easy.

ruth crilly perfect nude eye

And the finished look. Obviously you’d add mascara, but I wanted you to see the shadow tones undistracted. Don’t you think that they are lovely and subtle, with just the slightest hint of a sheen? I think that this is a brilliant makeup bag addition and it’s a classic, wearable look so it’s not going to be one of those palettes that comes out on “special occasions” (ie, when you feel guilty that you haven’t been using it!), you can use it every day.

 The Color Riche eyeshadow quad in Nude Lingerie costs £6.79 with free delivery from here

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