The Plaid Shirt Obsession

I’m always in plaid shirts. I bloody love them. They allow me to wear a bit of colour and pattern in a non-scary way (I’m extremely scared of most things that aren’t grey, black or breton-striped) and they fit the whole tousled, cowgirl vibe that I like to work.

So I’m very happy that they’re in fashion at the moment – I’ve seen quite a few magazines with little articles about plaid, with photos of celebrities in their ‘down-time’ looking all casual and sexy. Especially Cheryl Cole – she seems to like her plaid, does Cheryl.

But it has come to my notice that I seem to wear the same two shirts in rotation – my Abercrombie and Fitch blue shirt (top photo) and my Levis red shirt (below). This must change! If I am to rely on plaid this season for my pattern/colour injection, then I must acquire some new checks!

Unfortunately, my most-desired plaid is to be bought in the dark, bass-thumping den of teenage hormones that is Abercrombie, which means that I shall have to spend a few days taking echinacea to guard myself against catching glandular fever. I’ll let you know how I get on – the colours that I’m thinking of buying are displayed in all their glory below.

Ha! Just realised when I was checking my page draft, that these shirts are really very similar to what I have already! Telling. Very telling.

Plaid shirts, £58 from Abercrombie and Fitch.

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