The Problem With Pink

how to wear pink lipstickSorry, I couldn’t think of a more interesting title! I was having a rummage through my makeup box last week – the box of things that have ‘yet to be tried’, which is overwhelmingly huge – and I found a little selection of pink lippies that I had been meaning to play with for a while. Pink is a difficult colour to wear, I think – it can just look all kinds of wrong. Too pale, too bright, too tacky, too blue – the problems with pink are endless but all easily solved to a certain extent.

Take bright fuchsia pink, for example; hideous on many people. But with a tan? With olive skin? With the most flawless porcelain skin as a bit of a statement? With huge sunglasses and a Chanel Tweed suit? Statement lipstick shades need a bit more thought behind them, I think – you have to incorporate them into your overall look. Which is why I can never be that bothered to wear them – I’m too low maintenance.

Recently, though, I have seen a number of people out and about in London rocking the whole ‘pretty pink lip’ thing and it has inspired me to try out a few. Although I can’t see myself hot-footing it into town in neon pink, a la Kelly Osbourne, I do quite like two of the three that I tested below. Guess which ones? (Clue: the more subtle ones.) The Boots 17 is a great option for those wanting something bright, though – or if you fancy the luxe version, Tom Ford do a great hot pink. I videoed it here: PERFECT PINK VIDEO

1) Clarins Miami Pink – just a hint of pink. Pretty and juicy – I really like it! The formula is amazing and although the shade looks almost chalky in the bullet, it’s a perfect pale pink on the lips. Nice! £15.30 with free worldwide delivery, FeelUnique here: MIAMI PINK


2) 17 All About The Sass. Bright! Not overly intense, though – I can’t say that this is an opaque kiddy-scarer because it’s not. It actually needs two applications to build up the colour but that’s fine because it’s a budget buy! That’s also better for people who would rather layer up their colour or tap it on as a more sheer, wearable stain. £4.99 from Boots here: ALL ABOUT THE SASS

all about the sass

3) Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani in Pink 523. Mm-mmm! I thought that this was going to be much more difficult to wear than it actually was. In the bullet it looks bright, intense, matte – on the lips it has a juiciness that reflects light and makes it easier to get away with than option 2. It’s less blue, I suppose. It’s £23 from Selfridges here: PINK 523

armani pink 523

How do you feel about pink lipsticks? How do you feel about me in pink lipstick? I don’t want to be gadding around looking like a total tool – so pray tell, do we like pink? Or are we all puking into our Mulberry handbags at the thought of it?

PS: please excuse my poses in the images – they were supposed to be for reference only but then I decided to pop them in! I look very model-moody!

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