The Reluctant Birthday Girl

birthday cat

I promised something profound for today’s post; nothing comes to mind. I’m writing this on Wednesday night after three hours’ sleep and a nine hour hair shoot and it’s getting quite hard to focus! But I feel as though I should give some kind of “Birthday Message” (despite the fact that I’m a reluctant birthday person, I don’t like to be reminded of time passing, thank you) and so here it is:

 I’m enjoying my thirties (can I say that, now that I’m 33? Am I far enough through to make that judgement call?) and I’m packing as much into them as is humanly possible. I feel as though I have more focus with every passing year – my brain has a little game-plan going on that wasn’t quite so clear in my twenties. I’m calmer in times of stress, I’m pickier about my battles, I’m not afraid to say no… I’m a hell of a lot better at just getting things done; I never leave things for tomorrow if I can start them today. I love my body for being healthy and working properly, not just for “how it looks in a bikini”, and I enjoy knowing that it is a well-fuelled, balanced body. I’m more patient and more accepting and more appreciative of the people who, in life, form my little network of support and kind words and who provide like-minded, intelligent banter.

And you, who read my words every single day, and perhaps sometimes comment, are part of that special little network. I am incredibly grateful for your time and your consideration – you make the process of sending words out into the wilderness a pleasant one. So birthday kisses to you all (reluctant ones, obviously) and I promise not to try and write anything remotely profound until my next annual age-change.


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