The Sicilian Woman Scorned: My Dolce & Gabbana Inspired Look

ruth crilly fashion model blogger

Today I have been playing the “Sicilian Woman Scorned” in my Dolce & Gabbana inspired outfit. I absolutely adore the ad campaigns that Dolce & Gabbana release every season; there’s just something so sexy and womanly about the way that they style things and the whole “pencil skirt, nipped-in waist and undone blouse” look never really goes out of fashion. There’s also something incredibly chic about wearing all-black outfits in the height of summer; the clothes look so sharp and slick in the harsh light of the day and so sultry and mysterious as darkness begins to fall.

ruth crilly fashion model d&g look

This is an amazing look for smart evenings out – it’s probably a little too much for daytime in the office, depending on what kind of office you work at, but you could always go for a less sheer blouse! The one I’m wearing is from Oasis and I would definitely snap one up if you’re into your shirts – this one looks great with jeans as well as pencil skirts. Oasis cut their shirts really well, I think –  I have loads of them now in different fabrics and colours. The blouse is at Oasis here, it costs £35 and you can get superfast delivery (same day!) if you’re really keen to get into it…

ruth crilly fashion model blogger

The skirt is from Topshop. It’s kind of a weird one, really, because the lining underneath the lace stops very high up the leg; if there wasn’t the lace overlay in place then it’s the kind of skirt that would show the bottom of your bottom. If you catch my drift. Anyway, that aside, it’s beautiful; lovely thick lace that looks really expensive. It is actually quite expensive – for Toppers, at least: £75 here.

topshop lace skirt dolce gabbana

I’ve worn chunky gold jewellery with my outfit; I love black outfits with gold accessories! The bracelet is from ALDO, you’ve already seen that in last week’s post. The ring is a thick chain-style ring from Kurt Geiger – find it here at ASOS, it’s £25. You can see it in more detail in one of the photographs above. The shoes I am sinking into the grass in are from Whistles – they’re the classic French 65 Heels that they have as a permanent fixture. I’m not going to lie and say that you could run for a bus in them, but as far as sexily-sloped high heels go, they’re pretty sturdy and not eye-wateringly uncomfortable. On the Heel Comfort Judgement Scale, I reckon you could do a slowish walk from Oxford Circus tube station to the bottom of Carnaby Street and then have some cocktails, standing up, and a bit of dinner, sitting down. After that you’d probably want a cab home. But you could get to the loo unaided, definitely… The French 65 shoes are here at Whistles. They also have them in pink with a third off – see here.

black oasis blouse and asos sunglasses

Now let’s talk about the tortoiseshell aviator sunglasses: these are EXCELLENT if you have a small head. Or a small face. They are really very petite, these sunnies; I’d go so far as to say that if you have a relatively normal sized head, they will look too small for you. But the pea and pin-heads of the world can rejoice: these cost me £15 from ASOS! They are really nicely made – you’ll be seeing these again later on in the week when I show you the other bargain ones that I picked up. In the meantime, find the sunglasses for pin-headed people HERE.

What do you think? This is one of my favourite looks ever and I’m really pleased with the black chiffon shirt from Oasis. I think I’m off to book a holiday to Italy!

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