The Silk Blossom Candle: Flower Fairies and Summery Daydreams

Jo Malone Silk Blossom Charity Candle

I didn’t think that I’d like the Silk Blossom scent, at first; but then I had to tell my self not to be uncharitable, because for every one of these limited edition candles Jo Malone sells, they are donating the full value* to their various charity garden projects around the UK. I wrote about Jo Malone’s work with Thrive, last year (you can read that here) who use gardening as a way of helping to change the lives of unemployed disabled people; this year’s main charity is St Mungo’s Broadway in Bristol. St Mungo’s is a national charity for homeless people and they have launched their “Putting Down Roots” Garden Project, which helps homeless people to develop gardening and landscaping skills and gain paid or voluntary work. I like Jo Malone’s “Charity Gardens” initiative; it’s different and relevant to their brand and they give the full whack of the profits, not a measly little percentage.

Back to the candle: I judged this book entirely by its cover, I’m ashamed to say. The pink ombré packaging put me off – it’s really not my thing, but what’s inside absolutely is. The scent is a kind of floral explosion, but uplifting rather than sickly. It smells quite like this little solid perfume that I once got with my Flower Fairies toadstool set. (many years ago, obviously!) Did anyone else ever get the toadstools?

flower fairies toadstool toy

There was a big toadstool whose red spotty hat came off to reveal a secret storage compartment, and there were solid perfumes in there. (I wish I still had them. My Mum did a big loft clearout. Mind you, I’d have been surprised if the perfumes had still retained any scent…) Anyway, Silk Blossom: if those little Flower Fairies could have had a signature scent, with their delicate papery wings and their petal dresses, then this would have been it. It’s girlish and carefree and makes your house smell like fresh linen that’s blown from the washing line and landed in the flowerbed. A summery daydream that throws me straight back into childhood. I’m loathe to use it up!

The Silk Blossom candle is £42 from Jo Malone

Read about St Mungo’s Broadway here

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