The Spa at Dolphin Square

the spa at dolphin square review
I am off to Morocco today (maybe I’m already there, depending on what time you’re reading!) and so I thought it highly appropriate that I post my review of the moroccan-inspired Spa at Dolphin Square in London. I mentioned yesterday that I’d be doing joint spa reviews with my Mum (MyMumSays) and so here’s the first one!

I’ll start by giving full marks to whoever thought up the interior design at the spa – it’s really very, very good. Lots of dark wood, sumptuous fabrics and little fake flickering candles on every surface, it’s one part moroccan, one part Missoni and the rest is ‘glamorous exotic’. (I’ve just made that term up – I quite like it! Glamorous Exotic…) You really do forget that you’re in London – it reminded me very much of a spa I visited in Dubai on a trip many years ago – I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it, but it was pretty swish!

the spa at dolphin square review

Mum and I were signed up for the Majorelle experience, which is described on the website thus:

“Beginning with an age-old purifying ritual in the Hammam, to cleanse from head to toe, before rich honey is applied to the face. Mineral-rich Rhassoul lava clay from the Moroccan mountains is lavishly applied to cleanse the hair and scalp, whilst you enjoy a relaxing head massage. Finally drift away with a signature massage to leave you feeling renewed from top to toe.”

Now, I am going to come straight out with it and declare that I’m not at all keen on the Hammam part of this experience. It feels like a lot of faffing for not very much gain – lying on a cold slab for quarter of an hour is not only pretty uncomfortable, it’s just a bit…well…pointless. Fast-forward to the next room, which was like a recovery room for the Hammam, and you’ll find me lying contentedly on a heated bed, eating dates and reading a magazine with my Mum chit-chatting away about the Boden sale. Now that’s more like it!

After the curvy heated beds, upon which mother and I both got the worst fit of giggles, we were led to separate treatment rooms. There we were massaged (very nice – Mum said it was one of the best massages she has ever had!) and honey was applied to our faces. Now, when I first read about the honey mask, I assumed that it would be some kind of gorgeous mask containing honey, but it wasn’t! It was HONEY! As in the sticky stuff that’s also runny – cue honey in my hair and the OCD part of my brain silently praying for a quick and early death. I’m exaggerating, of course, but in all seriousness, I would have much preferred a honey based mask (and there are a lot of gorgeous ones out there) than just pure honey.

The rest of the in-room treatment was blissful – I almost dozed off! My therapist was great – she did just enough speaking to make sure that I was comfortable, and then she just got on with the massaging! There was no noise from outside in the passageways, but that didn’t surprise me – everything is so calm and hushed there, with the staff padding about in soft shoes and the guests relaxing in their robes and sandals. I think that my recommendation would be to go for an experience such as the Arabian or Rose – it looks as though you get full hour or more of  ‘contact’ treatment time, and this was the part that really stood out for me!

This spa is a great option for mother and daughter days, or days out with girlfriends – there are a few different ‘chillaxing’ rooms that are perfect for a bit of quiet gossiping! At any point (apart from when you’re being massaged, I suppose!) there are staff on hand to bring tea or nibbles from an extensive menu and so you really could make a day of it. Or an afternoon at least! If you go alone, take a good book and have a lie down on one of the heated beds – if there was ever a cure for insomnia, these beds are it!

So, there we go – the first Mum ‘n Me spa trip. A great success! I’d perhaps give the hammam a miss next time, but only to make way for even more one-on-one pampering!

You can see the full menu at the Spa at Dolphin Square here:

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  1. August 22, 2020 / 1:01 am

    My wife and I visited the Spa at Dolphin Square today. It was such a joy!
    The staff were friendly, informative and welcoming. The health therapists were well trained and the entire experience was amazing. We now plan to make this a monthly treat, since we were so relaxed. Very enjoyable – couldn’t recommend it more.

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