The Summer Body Mist

Some sexy little body mists that have caught my attention this summer – they are brilliant for freshening up without perfume-gassing everyone within a ten mile radius. The key to summer fragrancing is to keep it subtle, I think – if you’re going for something heady and exotic then keep it to the pulse points rather than dousing yourself in scent!

The Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Moisture Mist is actually quite strong, so you don’t need to layer it with the matching eau de toilette or parfum. It’s not as moisturising as a body cream or lotion, but it’s gentler in the heat than spraying on raw perfume, so a nice option for holidays and post-beach shenanigans. £28 from House of Fraser

Clarins Eau Dynamiste reminds me of my teen years – I used to have loads of mini bottles of this because they would always come free in the Gift With Purchase. (And I have always been a sucker for a gift with purchase.) This isn’t exactly my “scent of choice”, but it is invigorating and it does have a certain je ne sais quois that makes it appealing enough to keep on re-spritzing. Personally I think that it’s the clever marketing – it’s put forward as a moisturising, firming and toning product! Who can resist a bit of multitasking sales-spiel? Not I! The sparkly bottle is a special 25th Anniversary version, you can find it for £23.20 with free delivery at

Roger & Gallet Eau des Bienfaits is the freshest of the three. It’s instantly cooling and it has a wonderful…


…have you ever sprayed a bottle thinking that it would go the other way? I have just sprayed a whole spritz of Roger & Gallet into my mouth! It’s not pleasant. It has just slipped in the popularity poll!


It’s beautiful on the skin, though. Very citrussy and zingy, it’s a great wake-up spray for those muggy, tired-leg days. In fact, it makes quite a lovely leg-spray! London Underground should spritz this out at knee-height as you pass up the escalators – never mind all of these fancy ticket barriers they’re spending money on!

Eau des Bienfaits is £28.50 from Marks & Spencer Beauty

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