The Tangle Teezer

Yes, I know that this looks like something that you would use to comb fleas out from a Chihuahua’s coat, but despite this – and the fact that I am virtually allergic to jazzy misspellings like ‘Teezer’ – it is my recommendation of the week.

Here’s why.
If you are anything like me, you will find combing wet hair to be one of the most boring and uncomfortable tasks ever invented. I hate the feeling of wet hair, the way it sticks to your face and neck, the way all of the stray hairs that have been inadvertently snapped from your head during the washing process then cling to your hands, the bath, the tiles around the bath, and so on. You then comb your hair, but it’s a bit knotted from the whole lathering-rubbing it about-rinsing rigmarole, and you can actually hear the hairs squeaking and screaming as they stretch and snap, leaving you with a head full of broken ends. This happens to me even if I use a great conditioner – I think it’s because I simply do not have the patience to comb my hair carefully and slowly.
Which is why the Tangle Teezer could quite easily change my life. It glides through the hair quickly and smoothly, easing out knots and tangles and leaving it ready to dry and style. The conventional way of combing wet hair (if you are doing it properly!) is to work from the tips up to the roots, so that you take out any tangles near the end first and don’t stress and break the hair. But it’s time consuming and boring. The Tangle Tweezer is used the opposite way – drawing it from root to tip, and I don’t quite know how it works, but it does.
I will admit that it looks rather alarming – it’s not something that you would want to whip out on the tube – but it saves time and effort, and a whole load of broken hairs, so in my book it’s a winner!
Widely available from salons and from Amazon. Around £10
P.S. A thought: for those with young children (or a Chihuahua), this brush/comb hybrid would be invaluable – you only have to get them to sit still for a few seconds rather than minutes!

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