The Wei Purifying Face Mask

This set of eight masks from WEI is utterly, utterly charming. WEI is a skincare brand that draws on the theories of traditional Chinese medicine to bring balance to the skin and transform its appearance, and I have had quite a few readers asking me to try out their products. First on the agenda: the Golden Root Purifying Face Mask. Don’t you just love the packaging? It’s like a little book or painting kit – inside the box there are eight little pots of mask and a brush for painting them on with.

I have to say that painting a mask onto your face with a beautifully soft brush is quite a sublime experience – I think that I might apply all of my masks like this from now on! It just feels so luxurious and ritualistic.

I only needed about half of a little pot of mask for one application – and that was really layering it on. If I had been applying my usual portion-control restrictions then I would have perhaps only used one-third of the pot. There is no way that you will ever use up a whole pot on one face, unless you are in fact The Moon, so be prepared to wrap the pot back up and save it for another use. You could pop some cling-film around it very tightly, that would do the trick for a couple of days. I chose to use my other half on my other half, and spent an amusing few minutes painting Mr AMR’s face. (I subject him to many ridiculous beauty tests.)

Results? It’s a little tingly, but I like that very much – see Masks that Actually Do Something for other tingle-tastic treats. (Ahem.) The smell is neither lovely nor offensive, but the feel of the clay is cool and smooth and so it did feel suitably pampering. After ten minutes my skin felt very clear and fresh, a little tight (the clay, perhaps) and dry enough for me to want to moisturise quite soon after. This would be a good one for those congested times of the month when your pores need a good old clean-out, and it would be a brilliant treatment to share with a few friends on a pamper-evening or some such event. (Do people actually have pamper evenings? I hope so. I must organise one. Maybe we could all have a massive pamper evening with wine and pizza – pampering en masse!)

In short, I love the packaging, LOVE the brush idea and the effects of the mask are indeed Purifying, as the name suggests. I shall be adding this mask to my Deep Cleansing mask category, so do check that out if you’re hunting for masks that clarify and draw out impurities.

WEI Purifying Face Masks (8 pots, about 5,643 uses) cost £31 with free delivery from

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