The Youtube Transcript Button. Hours of Fun.

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I may be very late to the party with this one, but I’ve never heard anyone else talk about it: the Transcript button on Youtube. It sits underneath the video pane to the right of the “About” and “Share” buttons. Click it and prepare for the bizarre! It creates a transcript of the entire video but it gets the words so very, very wrong. It’s hilarious!

An example – look what it does to the intro from my latest video, How to Prepare for a Beauty Shoot. (I’ve popped the video below so that you can compare, if you so wish.)

“everyone stays with you is all about how I prepare for beauty sheets, that is also really relevant for anyone he’s got important events Katie maybe a wedding, or a problem, a graduation all Christians party anything like that so hope you find it useful and enjoyed this. Now I’m not serve you for years past me what I have any routine or special ritual the ID, my skin before fashion would be to Sheetz and dance.”

My skin before fashion would be to Sheetz and dance! I feel a poem or a song coming on… Imagine if you actually needed a transcript and that’s what you were using to refer to – you’d get a very strange idea about the video, wouldn’t you? I’m off to read transcripts of all of my favourite things, including Ross from Friends and his tanning booth disaster. One of the greatest television moments of all time.

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