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If you follow me on Twitter (@modelrecommends) you will know that I took a trip to Glasgow earlier this week to do a two-day shoot for a clothing company. There’s a little summary of my trip coming up, including a bit of information about where I stayed and dined and shopped and so on, but for now I thought that it would be fun to show you a series of snapshots documenting my multiple hair-style changes throughout the shoot. The hairstylist, Kim, used a TheO to style my hair – it’s a heating pod, shown above, that you simply throw the special rollers in, one by one, and they heat up in five seconds! I was sceptical at first, being a know-it-all smart-arse that thinks she has seen everything there is to see that’s worth seeing, but I am now ready to admit that the TheO is a stroke of hair-styling genius.

Being able to heat up each roller so quickly meant that my hair could be changed within about ten to fifteen minutes. Once in the hair, the rollers get even hotter (don’t even ask me how that happens!) and then cool down quickly so that the hair sets super-fast. I need a TheO in my life – I’d love to show you on video how easy it is to use! Here we go with some snapshots of my many hairstyles:

Pretty nice volume! The rollers used have to be bought from Cloud Nine too, but I love the fact that they do a massive 60mm roller, and that because you buy them separately you can just purchase large ones and don’t get stuck with those piddly granny rollers!

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