Thing of Beauty: Angel Perfumed Body Cream

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Taken on face value, this is the kind of product I hate. A body cream in a novelty container that’s part of a mainstream fragrance line. Blurp. However; make that a mainstream fragrance that is weirdly addictive, add it to a cream that has been formulated by the same people who make the brilliant Clarins ones, stick it into a pot that rightfully belongs in a NASA research centre and you have a product that’s really quite special.

You may love Thierry Mugler’s Angel, you may detest it; I want to detest it but find myself inexplicably drawn to its chocolatey wrongness. And somehow, in the body cream, everything smells one hundred times more seductive. I have never worn a body cream that is quite so amazingly lush – it scents the bedsheets and your clothes and it lingers for weeks afterwards. I pulled on a t-shirt the other day and was greeted by the most incredible Angel smell – I hadn’t worn it for months!

The texture of the cream is rich and indulgent – a really beautiful formula. Don’t make the mistake (as I first did) of dismissing this cream as “just another perfume add-on” – it’s not. It’s a Thing of Beauty  – a lovely body treat in its own right. True, if you hate Thierry Mugler’s Angel then there’s a good chance you’ll dislike the cream, but if you like Angel then you will LOVE this.

Bonus ball here is definitely the packaging: it’s basically a small spaceship. The Mugler Ship. If you have a tiny bathroom then forget trying to fit this in – you almost need a dedicated shelf. A reinforced dedicated shelf. The Mugler Ship does not like to be crowded – it deserves to be displayed and worshipped!

Oh my God: searching for a stockist for this, I came across my own review. From over a year ago. I must really love this stuff! You can read that post by clicking here!

It costs £48 from popular department stores, but I see that it’s only £40.80 at I say only, you know what I mean. Cheaper.

I’m building up a catalogue of Things of Beauty  – there are only two so far, but you can read the first by clicking here.

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