Things Have Got To Change…

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My latest video has quite the dramatic title: Things Have Got To Change. It started off as a video about diet and exercise and the fact that I have a terrible diet and don’t do any exercise, but then I went off on a tangent and it became a video about all of the things I need to get on top of (figuratively speaking, not literally!) in life.

Like the fact I still have my nursing bras and am still shoehorning my post-baby belly (still looks about five months pregnant) into black, high-waisted M&S cotton pants. Like the fact I still wear maternity jeans so that I don’t have to breathe in after lunch and I don’t paint my toenails because it folds my stomach in half when I reach down to my toes, and I don’t like the feeling of belly touching knees.

I’ve had enough. It all needs to change. Along with my penchant for Coca Cola (the hardcore red stuff), mint Magnums, jam on crumpets (every morning, not even a treat) and choc chip Tracker bars, which I scoff down as an energy boost at strategic points throughout the day.

So I’ve put it all into a video and added a part about the future of A Model Recommends, which I’d like you all please to watch and report back on. If you can’t watch (I know how many of you sneakily read this at your desks and can’t play video for fear of giving the skive game away!) then the gist of it all is this: I’m considering merging both of my blogs into one. So The Uphill and A Model Recommends would sit together, on one site. Same for my Youtube channels and my Instagram and Twitter.

Now before you lose your cool, you would be able to filter the content according to what you want to see, so there would be two huge categories at the top of the page that you could switch between, still called A Model Recommends and The Uphill. But by default, all content would be on the main feed together. So beauty, interiors, fashion, life updates and family stuff, all of my interests, all on one site. But easily filtered to your preference, should you only wish to read about sleepless nights and the best jeans to hide hip flab or only wish to watch videos about makeup and skincare.

For those who want things to stay the same, perhaps because they have no interest in one area, things wouldn’t really be much different – one quick click and anything irrelevant or unwanted would disappear. But for those who read everything or who just read one site and regularly ask for more personal posts or pet updates or want to know about my daily routines (routines, ha), I suspect that merging the content would be a massive improvement.

Either way, let me know. The verdict on Instagram for the Instagram accounts was an almost unanimous YES for merging (I think there were three people who preferred separation but hundreds who wanted, for ease, to see everything in one place) and it was virtually the same from Youtube viewers, so I’ll be interested to see what you think about the blogs.

Here’s the video – enjoy the mini house tour. It wasn’t intentional, but I managed to film in about five different places!

Oh, by the way: the dress I wear in the video is from Hush* and is amazing. It’s a t-shirt dress and so comfortable, but does show a lot of leg. Just a warning. I had tanned my legs with tanning drops (review upcoming) and they looked pretty fine, if I may say so myself. The rest of my doughy body was cleverly hidden beneath the t-shirt dress! Hurrah!

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