This Works Clean Skin Gentle Cleanser

This Works have launched a new collection, simply named ‘Clean Skin‘. I have been trying out the 5-in-1 Cleansing water (nice) and the Gentle Cleanser (really nice). The water is absolutely fine, I have no particular complaints. It’s not super-duper at removing eye makeup, not like some of the Micellar solutions available (Bioderma being a notable example), but it leaves skin fresh and soft. It claims to contain AHAs to aid anti-ageing and to balance the skin’s pH, which is a new one for me! Anyway, it’s nice. Great big bottle, £21, I’m definitely going to be using  all of it up!

My preferred cleanser, though, is the Gentle Cleanser. It reminds me a little of my favourite gentle cleanser from Pai. It’s much lighter and runnier than the Pai cleanser, but it has the same creamy texture and a similar delicate scent. This cleanser is rich in Rosehip Oil, though it doesn’t feel at all oily on the skin, so I’m not sure quite how rich we’re talking! The selling point, for me, is that it’s gentle and it doesn’t strip away vital oils from the skin – it also has Eucalyptus and Frankincense to purify and balance. You can use this cleanser with a muslin cloth, but actually there’s no need if you don’t want to – it’s easily rinsed away with a few splashes of warm water.

This Works Gentle Cleanser is £19 for 120ml from

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