No Sleeping in the Office!

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Currently residing in my office: the Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle from This Works. And I wonder why I can’t keep my eyes open! I’ve had it on my shelf, unlit, for the past two weeks or so and I must say that I’ve felt incredibly calm. Perhaps a little too calm – I’m going to have to relegate it to the bathroom to try and get the final bits of my MA work done. The scent from it is quite powerful – I’d lit it about a month ago for a few hours but the fragrance still wafts about the room even now.

I’m going to burn this for a couple of hours before bedtime and then blow it out when I lie down to go to sleep. The scent definitely lives up to its name – heavenly! I think that the smell is rather more sexy and masculine than your standard sleepy lavender blah-blah-blah candle; there’s something very exotic and mysterious about it. For those who want the sleepy hit without need for matches then I couldn’t recommend the pillow spray from the same range more; it’s brilliant. I use it every night and I have a tiny little sample one that I take on my travels. I feel a bit panicky without it now – it’s as important as remembering my ear plugs!

You can find the candle here at ASOS and the pillow spray is on sale at the moment at – £14.40 with free delivery. Sweet dreams!

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