Three Amazing Golden Lip Shines

I’ve got a bit arty with my photograph today! It’s not that great, mind – there’s only so much you can do with an iPhone, a desk lamp and the back of a Natwest envelope! And the Estée Lauder gloss has all but disappeared into the picture – it’s shot through with a beautiful gold shimmer, so it’s a shame that hasn’t shown up.

Three amazing golden lipglosses for the summer: Neal’s Yard Remedies Lip Gloss in “Natural”, Tom Ford Lip Lacquer in “Gold Dust” and Estée Lauder’s gloss in “Shimmering Mirage”. You can see the Tom Ford gloss in this bronzing video – it is truly, truly stunning. You can wear it alone or layer it up over any lipstick (or indeed gloss) and it gives this shiny, lacquered finish. The texture is just beautiful. For once, this is a Tom Ford product that actually isn’t stratospherically priced – it’s £25, and I don’t think that’s at all bad for such a decadent, multi-purpose gloss. Just a smidgen of this in the centre of the lips gives the most glamorous pout, so a little really does go an incredibly long way. It’s Limited Edition for Spring/Summer and you can get it online at Selfridges

The Neal’s Yard Remedies gloss is, I would say, more of a treatment balm with added luxe. The finish isn’t very shimmery or glittery, and there’s non of the hi-shine-patent-effect of the Tom Ford gloss. It’s just a lovely sheen that perhaps lightens the lip colour very slightly, adds a bit of a glimmer that makes the skin look juicy and plump. I love this balm! The fact that it smells of oranges is an absolute bonus for me – no minty, vanilla-ry, cherry-cola overload. This treatment gloss (really, I think it’s a balm with a shine!) is £9.50 from Neal’s Yard Remedies.

Finally, there’s the Limited Edition Estée Lauder offering – part of the Bronze Goddess collection for 2012. This is a clear gloss with a high-powered sparkle. Lauder’s glosses are amazing – there’s something about the smell of them, the particular texture, the “glup” of the wand as you slide it out… They just make me feel really happy! Maybe the smell triggers off memories or something. I don’t know. Now, I’m not at all being mean to the “Shimmering Mirage” here, but I just want to make a suggestion: if you can stretch to it, spend the extra eight quid and go for the Tom Ford. It is the most goldy-gold gloss in existence, and it’s a “posh” gold, not a cheap throwaway gold. Sorry, not much of a review for the Lauder – and if you fancy a clearer, more subtle gloss then please do plump for that one – it’s just that I’d be lying if I said that the Tom Ford wasn’t worth the extra. I think it’s just marvellous!

The Shimmering Mirage gloss is at House of Fraser for £17

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