Through my Binoculars….

Some pictures taken THROUGH my binoculars! (OK, they’re not actually my binoculars, they’re Mr AMR’s. But, as they say, what’s his is mine and what’s mine is…er…mine, so it’s all good.)

Mr AMR told me that I wouldn’t be able to take a photo of a “binocularfied” view (my made-up word) and so I made it my mission to attempt it. It wasn’t much of a mission in the end, I just held my iPhone lens to the binocular eyepiece and pressed the photo button! Results below.

Olympic park through binoculars

The Gherkin through binoculars

 The London Eye and St Paul’s Cathedral (far left, roof and spire) through binoculars

Are you impressed with my espionage skills? You should see the pictures that I took through people’s windows!


We are going to have a go at taking magnified pictures of the moon too. I can’t wait! But I will have to wait as I’m gadding about all over Europe this week (I’m in Paris as you’re reading this, and Hamburg after Paris) so moon-gazing can be a little treat to look forward to!

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