Tinted Lip Balm: Three Delicious Options

chanel rouge coco shine

Three juicy tinted lip balms for you – two rather posh and expensive ones and then a high street challenger with the most sumptuous and buttery texture. Tinted lip balm is a great way of wearing colour if you hate the maintenance of a true lipstick or want something more sheer and subtle. If you have thin lips, they can also help to make them look a little fuller, and if you have dry lips then the rich formulas are a bit more comfortable than your traditional lipstick.

rouge coco shine reveuse

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine isn’t strictly a balm, but it certainly behaves like one. Moisturising, smoothing and incredibly pleasing to apply and wear, it has a bit of added shine in comparison to many of the tinted lip balms available out there. Reveuse (above) is a summer shade but I don’t think (as far as I can remember!) that it’s a limited edition and so hopefully it’ll be around for years to come. Because it’s something of a winner, with just the right amount of peachiness to lift the lips and make them look “done”. You can find it online hereit’s £25.

max factor colour intensifying balm charming coral

Max Factor’s Colour Intensifying Balms are a great option if you like to customise your colour. You can leave it at one coat, which has a sheer, plumping effect, or layer it up for a more intense (as the name suggests!) hit. My favourite is Charming Coral – pictured above – I’m already about half of the way through because I use it even when I’m not out and about! It’s very moisturising and has a good buttery sheen. Find it at Boots.com

ruth crilly model recommends

Dior Baume is another plumptious number; I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this before but I can’t find the post for some reason. My favourite shade is Belle de Printemps, above, which I would have thought would be gone by now as it was part of a collection, but I’ve just found it on Selfridges.com for £26. It’s a beautiful peachy shade, the brightest of the three here, and really gorgeous with very natural, minimal makeup.

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