Tisserand De-Stress Bath Soak: Organic Lavender

Tisserand De-Stress Bath Soak: Organic LavenderI do find Lavender very relaxing and sleep-inducing. Along with my Tea of Great Tranquility (see HERE), Tisserand’s De-Stress Bath Soak has become one of my little evening rituals. It doesn’t dry my skin out and the ingredients are nice and natural. The lavender content is pure essential oil, not some horrible synthetic-fragrance-version of lavender. You’d be surprised at how many ‘lavender’ products don’t actually contain lavender! Or perhaps you wouldn’t be at all surprised…

I went to a Tisserand press-day recently to have a look at their various ranges. I’m not a huge fan of essential oils and aromatherapy because I always consider it to all be a bit of a faff, but I must say that I was rather impressed by Tisserand’s products. There’s every ‘ease level’ catered for – from pure oils to mix and blend and faff with, right up to ready-made, off-the-shelf products. Which were obviously the ones that I made a bee-line for! I tested a gorgeous body lotion and a very pure rose perfume, both of which I must track down and do a proper review on.

For now, though; the Organic Lavender Bath Soak. Does anyone here fall asleep in the bath? It has never happened to me before, but I have a resident mer-man who spends half of his life asleep in my bath. Our bath. Sometimes he falls asleep for hours on end. There’s a slight health and safety issue with this bath-sleeping business that worries me no end, but the mer-man assures me that he has been bath-sleeping for decades and that he is firmly wedged into position. The mind boggles.

Where had I got to? Lavender soak! Yes. If you are prone to falling asleep in the bath, then this one will definitely send you off – and if it doesn’t, you’ll certainly step out of the bath ready for bed! I like it, it’s inexpensive yet quality. No parabens, no SLS/SLES and no artificial colours or fragrances.

Tisserand’s Lavender Bath Soak is £7.25 from Tisserand Online but it’s stocked in the most unexpected places such as my local grocers!

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