Some Superb Spritzers!

Would you call them spritzers? Or am I thinking about those drinks that you waste wine in? Maybe I mean ‘spritzes’ or ‘sprays’ – whatever, these are are few of my favourites that I have used and loved over the summer months. I appreciate that everyone has had enough of summer now and wants to put tights and cashmere on, but just humour me. Indoorsy, wintery skin needs these probably more than summer skin anyway, what with the central heating blasting out all hours of the day!

Note: water in a can, no matter how nice and cooling it feels, is not a superb spritzer. It’s just water in a can. It evaporates and then your skin is back to how it was before you sprayed fifty pence’s worth of scented water onto it! My choices are possibly a little pricier than the ‘water in a can’ options, but they will actually do something – balance, tone, soothe, moisturise – whatever it is that you want to achieve, you ain’t going to achieve it with Evian!

1) Moisturising: Clinique Moisture Surge Thirsty Relief Spray. This really does moisturise – it has actual ingredients in it besides water and perfume! – yet it’s oil-free. And alcohol-free too, so it doesn’t knock the skin off-balance. This can be sprayed under or over makeup, but it really does moisturise (can I stress that enough!) so use it carefully, especially around the hairline. You can buy online at Boots for £18.50 here:

Clinique Moisture Surge Thirsty Relief Spray

2) Balancing: Pai BioAffinity Toner. Alcohol free, and the water is active – it has been extracted from the plants rather than ingredients from plants being added to water. I love this stuff, and the Rice Plant & Rosemary is amazing for sensitive, acne-prone skin. If yours feels red and angry but still insists on being oily at the same time, this is an almost-instant calmer. On some nights over the summer, I sprayed it onto cleansed skin and skipped moisturiser and it worked beautifully to rebalance overnight. Also alcohol-free, you can check every single ingredient on Pai’s website – there’s nothing hidden! It’s £30 from Pai here:

pai rosemary_toner

3) Luxury: Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist. I simply can’t get enough of this spritz – I have decanted it into numerous little perfume atomisers so that I can carry it in my bag wherever I go! It’s just utter luxury, it does something to my brain that I can’t describe. If you want a skin treat, ever – one that can just be used all the time and for any reason, invest in some of this. Spray it onto your face before a face mask, after a face mask, instead of a face mask, just whenever. If there was a drinkable version of this, I’d be a Queen of Hungaholic. Although again, this formula is alcohol-free.   £46 from Cult Beauty online here:

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

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