Top Three Comfiest Trousers for Pregnancy and Beyond…

post-partum trousers

Today I bring you the world’s three most comfy pairs of trousers and also the offer of free chocolate*. The two things sort of go hand in hand, I feel – it’s partly because of chocolate that I even need to have comfy trousers! Keep reading for the choc part…

I have tried a lot of trousers to get to this point. A lot. And a disclaimer before we start: I’m not talking about proper trousers, the type you might don to a business meeting or to a drinks reception or to meet your in-laws for the first time. These are casual trousers, the sort that you search for when you get up at 7am after having three hours’ sleep so that you don’t have to answer the door to the postman and be wearing your dressing gown again.

These are trousers – bottoms – that skim over a growing bump, that expand as you bloat, that don’t sit in the crease below your belly and irritate a c-section scar. These are bottoms so soft that you hardly know you’re wearing them. They’re as comfy as pyjamas but acceptable to be worn out of the house – not just acceptable, actually, but designed to be worn out of the house. Best of all worlds.

Here we go (none of these photos are of me, obviously – my own trousers were covered in various baby food stains and/or crumpled from numerous naps in them):

comfiest trousers for pregnancy

Seraphine’s Bamboo Over-The-Bump Leggings

If you can’t stand the feeling of skinny jeans then these are your new best (wardrobe) friend. Unbelievably soft, they stretch all the way over a growing bump without irritating the skin, have a good level of opacity so that you can’t see your knickers through them and a quality, non-bobbly (even after many, many washes) finish. If you’re recently pregnant, used to wearing black skinny jeans with everything but are constantly bloated and already cursing your denim, give these a go. Also great post-c-section, if anyone’s in that position (all of these trousers are) as they’re not too clingy. Find them here online – they’re £29.

hush harem trousers pregnancy

Hush Harem Trousers

If you can’t get comfy in these then there’s no hope. The waistband is a wide, soft, ruched affair that will stretch over all but the biggest of baby bumps. I’m wearing mine as I type – I may as well be naked from the waist down. (And now…remove that image from your minds.) These were a total Godsend for me after my c-section when I needed to, y’know, leave the house and every single item of clothing pressed on my new scar. Fabulous in early pregnancy, too, but – I should flag this up – these aren’t even maternity trousers! So you can wear them forever. Marvellous. They look pretty smart with a pair of boxfresh white trainers and can be turned into a luxe number with the addition of some slouchy cashmere on top. Find them at Hush online here – they are £55.

free hush chocolate

*Hush have very kindly offered to give every reader who buys a pair of harem trousers a bar of their most gorgeous choc. The Milk Rose pretty much saw me through my last pregnancy and early breastfeeding days – it became part of my staple diet. Ha! There are three flavours to choose from – Dark RaspberryMilk Rose and Dark Hazlenut & Sea Salt. Be still my beating heart. Use the code MODELCHOC  to claim it, the code expires next Wednesday (12th October).

comfiest trousers for pregnancy

Manuka Life Draped Capri

Similar waistband to the Harem trousers above, but these have a sportier feel, if that’s what you’re into, and a sort of “draped” middle part between the legs that makes you look as though you really know your yoga moves. I don’t, at all, and can barely do that downward dog thing, but I find myself pulling on the Capri pants on days when I don’t want to wear the full-length harem ones above. Ah, baggy trousers on rotation. Just the way I like it. These are also £55, here, but on a price-per-wear basis? About 0.002p. They’ve been through the wash more than fifty times, I reckon, and don’t look any different to the day I took them out of the bag.

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