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ILA Spa Little Body Treats Review

Three little products that never leave my travelling toiletries bag: StriVectin-SD Eye Cream, a teeny tube of Liquid Gold and my miniature deep sleep pillow spray from This Works. It’s my third mini deep sleep and my second eye cream but the Liquid Gold tube is a relatively new acquisition. This glycolic peel usually comes in a bottle so it was something of a surprise to see it packaged this way. Actually, though, it’s rather good for globe-trotters; it’s light, small and only a drop can come out of the tube at a time which means that there’s less waste. Just a few drops on cotton wool and then swept quickly over the face does the trick completely if you’re looking to give yourself an emergency overnight facial! Anyway, I’m glad I have the tube because before I had to decant from my huge bottle into various inappropriate vessels that used to leak and break and make me very cross…

The eye cream, StriVectin-SD is my default product for the eye area. It just really works well for me and it seems to stave off dark circles better than any of the others I’ve tried. Fine lines always seem much less apparent, too, after a stint of a month or so with regular use…

The deep sleep pillow spray is now one of my “can’t do without” products both at home and abroad; it really does help me to sleep. And I suppose, because I’m so used to smelling it on my bed linen, when I spritz it in a hotel room it makes things instantly more homely. Important when you travel alone so much – and more practical than carting a candle around with you!

I’m always on the lookout for minis of my favourite products – the Liquid Gold was part of a Cult Beauty offer, the pillow spray was (I think) in a SpaceNK Goodie Bag and I haven’t the foggiest about the StriVectin. It’s possible that I nicked it from a shoot but it’s just as possible that it was a sample from SpaceNK ages ago… You can find the full-sized one here. To be honest, it’s not that much more cumbersome than the little one! I’m not sure when you’d see another 5ml Liquid Gold, but Cult Beauty do have a discovery kit with loads of products in and a slightly smaller than usual version of the LG – it’s £39.95 here. The pillow spray full-sized can be found at FeelUnique or you can pop one in with your clothes order at It’s actually a pound cheaper at ASOS, £15 rather than £16. (Any excuse for an ASOS session.)


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