Trevor Sorbie Curl Constructor

I’m working my way through a number of Trevor Sorbie products at the moment (hallelujah for Boots 3-for-2 offers) and am rather impressed. Most time-saving and innovative so far (in my opinion, at least!) is the Beautiful Curls Curl Constructor.

If you, like me, have problems curling your hair, then you’ll like this product. Usually, before setting my hair in rollers, I work in a considerable amount of hair mousse, as advised by many top hair stylists over the years – “just pop in some mousse, darling, it’s so easy!” If you’ve attempted this then you’ll know that it  is only possible to ‘work with mousse’ if you have hands made from Teflon or some other NASA-made nonstick material. If you have normal hands, made of skin, the mousse will turn into superglue and your hair will stick to them. Then the brush will stick to them. Then the rollers – yes, you’ve got the idea – will stick to them.

Curl Constructor replaces mousse – and heat protector for that matter – with an easy to use spray, rather like a ‘wetter’ hairspray, that dries within seconds leaving hair ready to curl. The spray helps to hold the curl once it has formed – I skipped on the hairspray after taking out my rollers! So really, this handy product is a 3-in-1 – a ‘not’ mousse, a heat protector and a hairspray. It’s safe to use on colour-treated hair and it’s totally light-weight. Best used when curling hair that is naturally quite straight rather than defining or ‘tidying’ existing curls.

For me, anything that can replace hair mousse (Satan’s mouth-foam) is a god-send, and this one won’t break the bank, either.

Trevor Sorbie Curl Constructor, £4.99 from Boots.

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