Friday Flash Review: Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream

Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream“I am  on an eternal quest for good, effective cleansers that won’t irritate sensitive skin. As I have mentioned numerous times, I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, except for when I have been shooting. (Photographically speaking, not “what-ho old chap, toodle-pip!” kind of shooting.) When I have been shooting (again, think flash-bulbs, not horses and bugles) the skin around my eyes gets very sore, but also I don’t react very well to having heavy makeup piled on and then being given a babywipe to take my makeup off with. My skin rebels. So Trilogy’s Very Gentle Cleansing Cream is the latest discovery; very creamy, as the name suggests, very light and unfragranced. The ingredients are soothing and calming and unlikely to cause a reaction; sweet almond oil, camellia oil, avocado, evening primrose oil and olive oil. The full ingredients list is here.

I had my doubts about how this cleanser would deal with heavy makeup, but deal with it it did. (Yoda wrote that bit for me – he likes to get involved now and then rather than just sitting next to me, quietly testing product.) I applied the cleanser to dry skin and massaged it in – even over the eye area, no stings! – and then I left it for a few minutes whilst I brushed my teeth. I removed it using damp cotton wool pads, and then I gave my skin a final rinse with tepid water. This stuff worked a treat! It was only on the really stubborn, heavy MAC mascara and kohl that it struggled. But nearly everything struggles with that! I applied a second layer of cleansing cream to the eye area and left it on for longer and it really did help to loosen the eye makeup. Bravo! No red, sore eyes!

This is a very handy tube for me to take on modelling trips – usually I have to take a few different cleansers, but this one can be removed with tissue (and then you could always use a ‘spritz’ to remove residue) if I’m on the move, or removed with water and a facecloth if I’m near to a sink. The packaging is light – I wish that there was a travel version, though, that I could take through airport security. I suppose I shall just have to decant some into one of my Aveda Fill-Ables!”

The Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream is £22.50, available from Boots or if you want an exclusive 10% discount, you can buy from Apostle, quoting “RUTH” at the checkout!

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