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And we’re off! London Fashion Week. For those who detest every mention of LFW, breathe a sigh of relief – I’m off covering the event for Triumph so you won’t hear from me again until Tuesday. (I’ve scheduled some beauty posts in between for you to enjoy!) Those who want to soak up every last detail of fashion week can catch up with me on Triumph’s Twitter where I’ll be trying not to make one of my colossal typing errors. (Nail buffing bolock, anyone?)

I’m having a great time already and it’s only day one – check out the vintage postcards that were enclosed with my invitation to the Maison Triumph launch party! Look at the girls – cheeky little madams. You can tell that they’re from the seventies, can’t you? You wouldn’t have got away with those little sheer bits any earlier – or later, for that matter. Imagine that being mainstream advertising even now – it’s really quite bold! Very sexy though – and that’s what I like about Triumph getting involved with fashion week (and subsequently why I’m pleased to be working with them) – they celebrate proper bodies. They’re all about shapewear and curves and properly engineered underpinnings. I’ve been reading up on their history and they’ve actually been at the cutting edge of lingerie design for well over a century. A century! What was lingerie even like a century ago? (Sly reminder: you can find out if you come and meet me at the Maison Triumph on Sunday for brunch and a chat – see details on Wednesday’s post.)

So: genuine craftsmanship and some serious girdle-engineering comes to the catwalk. I’m hoping to see some lingerie in action – it would be interesting to find out how the designers use the lingerie to enhance their show pieces. Every show that I ever did I was bra-less and in some scrap of nude fabric that was supposed to serve as knickers! Bring back proper undies, that’s what I say.

Right. Back into the madness – hope to see some of you on Sunday.

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