Urban Decay Glitter Body Art Set

 I have to tell you: this ‘body art’ kit from Urban Decay is a lot of fun. You get ten ‘tattoo’ stencils (two each of rose, skull, stars, snake, swallow) and five different glitters along with some glue and a brush, and it takes just over a minute to create a surprisingly nice, glittery decoration! I took the kit to Bestival, where I wasn’t camping and so fortunately had the luxury of a whole house to get ready in. There were six of us (the theme was Rock Stars & Divas) and we all ended up with some form of glitter tattoo – once the stencils had been used up, we resorted to just globbing glue about and throwing glitter at ourselves.

Here’s my snake tattoo that I created up my thigh:

Urban Decay Glitter Body Art Set(please excuse the scratches on my knee. I took an ill-advised hike through some brambles whilst wearing a dress. It was one of those weekends.)

Brilliant, brilliant fun for thirty quid – if there are a few of you (Hen Night, birthday party, work’s do) then you can split the cost and fight over which designs you want! The tattoos last for as long as you don’t wash for (which could be days at a festival, let’s face it!) and they don’t even come off that easily when you do wash! I loosened mine with a bit of body oil before getting into the shower and that seemed to do the trick. Others had less luck with the silver glitter they had stuck all over their faces!

Urban Decay Glitter Body Art Set, £30 from BeautyBay here: http://tidd.ly/f20aa9d7

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