Urban Decay Lush Lash System

Urban Decay Lush Lash System

Today’s review comes from fellow model Zoe Havler, who has popped up a few times here on A Model Recommends. Despite admitting to me that she “sometimes washes her hair with fairy liquid”, Zoe is the perfect tester as she sticks to a product like glue until it is all finished, and then gives me an honest appraisal. After a week’s use she told me that the Urban Decay Lush Lash System was crap and that it hadn’t made a jot of difference, but she persevered with it and below are her results! Take it away Zoe!

“When Ruth offered me this product to review she exclaimed ‘your eyelashes are so perfect for this test!’ – read as ‘your eyelashes are crappy, short and sparse and you could really do with some help!’.  Admittedly, I have not been blessed with the best eyelashes in the world; they’re short, poker-straight and seemingly impervious to any attempts at curling them, whilst being generously interspersed with unexplained bald patches. So, as you can imagine I was particularly excited about testing Urban Decay’s Lush Lash System (try saying that out loud!).

The double-ended lash system contains a serum on one side to be applied along the lash line which stimulates keratin to lengthen, thicken and fortify lashes. On the other side is a conditioning mask loaded with Panthenol and Vitamin E to keep lashes moisturised and to protect them from breakages.  Applied every night the lash system easily fits into your night time beauty routine and claims to increase the length of lashes by 25% in 2 weeks and a whopping 65% in 6 weeks.

With such promising statements I naively rushed to the mirror on the first morning expecting to see eyelashes even Cheryl Cole would be proud of, but to my chagrin this disappointing morning ritual continued for a while. Then, after about 2-3 weeks I suddenly realised I no longer had any bald patches for the first time ever and after a good 6 weeks my eyelashes were definitely stronger, longer and thicker. Perhaps not by 60% as promised, but with my lashes any improvement is welcomed! Not only was there an actual improvement in length and thickness, but I also discovered I could create an illusion of even thicker lashes by also applying the conditioning mask in the morning after my futile attempts at curling my eyelashes and about 5-10 minutes before applying mascara. The mask acted as a primer plumping each lash up that little bit more.

So, take it from me if Urban Decay’s lush Lash System can make a difference to my short stubs, imagine what it can do for those of you with normal eyelashes! Have patience with this one and you will see results…. eventually.”

Urban Decay’s Lush Lash System costs £28 from HQHair HERE!

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