Uruku Bronzing Brush from Aveda.

This is my new bronzing brush from Aveda. It’s real name is ‘Uruku’, but I have nicknamed it ‘Stumpy’. Stumpy is the latest addition to my makeup bag, and a very welcome one indeed, because it means that I can now make my beauty baggage even more compact than it was before!

Being a model means that I am constantly on the move – whether to castings in London, or shoots abroad – and it’s also a given that I have to keep myself looking good. So, a bag of essentials has to come with me pretty much wherever I go, and I like to keep that bag as tiny as possible, hence my obsession with miniatures and trial-sized products!

Adopting Stumpy means that I have now chopped at least three inches from the length of my ‘essentials’ bag, because previously, the bronzer brush handle was the longest and most annoying thing that I had to fit in! Now, provided that I use a trial-sized mascara (usually from a Clinique bonus time!) and a short eyeliner, I can pretty much fit everything into a tiny cosmetics pouch the same size as my wallet!

But enough about size – we don’t want to give Stumpy a complex! It performs every bit as well as a full-handled brush – I actually find kabuki-style brushes to be very accurate and easy to use. I feel that there’s slightly more control with this brush, but perhaps a tendency to apply product more heavily, so you have to adapt your ‘bronzing style’ a little!

This brush is made with non-animal bristles that are extremely soft and pick up just the right amount of powder, applying it smoothly and accurately. It comes with a protective cotton pouch, which is a nice touch, and a logo’d aluminum handle.

I’ve had plenty of (much cheaper) short-handled, kabuki-style brushes in my possession before now, but none that have made it past the first week. They’ve all been badly made with bristles that are far too stiff, wreaking havoc on my beautiful bronzing compacts! This one, however, is here to stay – it packs the quality of a full-sized brush into the convenience of a tiny one, which for me is invaluable!

Stumpy – I mean Uruku – Brush from Aveda, £34.

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