Versace Yellow Diamond

Versace Yellow Diamond I got a little put off writing about fragrance after my (quite frankly terrifying) foray onto Basenotes, the forum for people who take perfume extremely seriously. But then I thought, what the hell! If I want to use layman’s terms to describe my perfumes I will! Part of me feels that there is absolutely no point describing a perfume over the internet – it’s a bit like trying to get someone to taste your spaghetti over the phone – but you can describe all of your little feelings and reactions to it and so here we go!

Versace Yellow Diamond has the most gargantuan stopper that I have ever seen. When my perfume has finished, I’m going to get it mounted onto a ring and pretend that I’m one of those Russian chicks married to a yacht-owning, chino-wearing shipping magnate. It might be a bit difficult putting my socks on in the morning, but I’ll persevere. By God, I’ll persevere. I love this packaging because it’s straight out of vintage Las Vegas – if I had been a Vegas starlet when Vegas was still remotely cool, this would have been the bottle that would have been on my dressing table. The scent inside is overpowering, floral, fruity, everything – it’s a full-on glamour perfume that you’d find lingering on the mink coats hung up in the cloakroom of the Bellagio. It’s totally not my type of perfume, but I am head-over-heels with it!

(The next time you hear from me I shall no doubt be dating P Diddy and wearing a slashed-to-the-navel hot pink gown.)

Versace Yellow Diamond is £45 from House of Fraser here

P.S. Oh yeah, check out the box that it comes in!

Versace Yellow Diamond

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